4 Reasons The HCG Diet Works For All Body Types

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4 Reasons The HCG Diet Works For All Body Types

12 June 2015
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If you are having a hard time losing weight by exercising and eating healthy foods, you may need to try a more drastic approach. Your body may require a brief jumpstart to encourage your system to burn fat stored in cells as fuel. You might be able to switch to the utilization of fat as fuel, rather than calories, by following the popular human chorionic gondatropin, or HCG, injection diet. Several key mechanisms help this diet work for every body type. Here's what you need to know before you get started.

High Caloric Deficit

While following the HCG diet plan, you will need to maintain a high caloric deficit. When eating normally, your body actively utilizes the food you eat each day as fuel. Without a caloric deficit, your body does not need to utilize stored fat as a fuel source. Hormones delivered through the HCG injections encourage the release of stored fat to facilitate its use as a main fuel source.

As a result, you can drop your calories down to an extremely low level without worry. You will need to make sure your protein levels stay at a healthy range for your weight to prevent loss of muscle mass. Eat chicken breast or fish to keep protein intake up while staying within your low calorie allotment.

Metabolism Increase From Hormones

HCG hormones speed up your metabolism by activating luteinizing hormones produced normally in the pituitary gland. Although both women and men produce this hormone, its production is drastically ramped up during pregnancy. As a result, the hormones speed up every facet of life from cell production to energy utilization, which naturally encourages your metabolism to accelerate. As your metabolism rate increases, you will continually drop the pounds from the rapid way your body utilizes fuel.

Elimination of Starvation Mode

In addition to the increased metabolism speed, HCG gives your body the signals it needs to start using stored fat as energy. Normally, your body stubbornly hangs onto fat stored in the cells, especially when you are eating at a caloric deficit. Starvation mode can also increase your weight, despite a severely minimized calorie intake, by storing water in your tissues.

By adding HCG into the mix, your body abandons its commitment to running in starvation mode and starts using up all of its fuel stores. You may even notice fat pockets on stubborn areas, like your abdomen, arms and thighs, melting away like never before.

Fat Cell Death Boost

When you lose weight, the fat filled cells usually simply shrink down to a smaller size. If you go back to your old ways of eating or a sedentary lifestyle, the shrunken fat cells easily start accumulating mass to reach their previous size.

With the HCG diet, the hormones speed up the natural process of cell death and regeneration. All of the fat cells previously filled to their max die off and new cells grow in their place. The new cells lack the size memory, which helps you keep weight off.

Starting The HCG Diet Plan

To obtain help reaching a healthy size, talk to your doctor about your weight loss challenges and express your interest in the HCG diet plan. After receiving your doctor's approval, you may need to go into a specialty clinic to start this type of diet. Your specialist will discuss personal expectations and success rates of the HCG injection diet.

The length of time you have spent overweight and your total number of pounds to lose will influence the amount of time it takes to reach a healthy weight. After committing to this unique weight loss plan, specialty clinic advisors will have you come down on a regular schedule to weigh in, share your food logs and receive an HCG injection. 

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