Physical Therapy As A Weight Loss Tool

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Physical Therapy As A Weight Loss Tool

14 July 2017
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Physical therapy is a medical service that is most often associated with recovering from an injury. While physical therapy can certainly help an individual regain strength and range of motion following an injury or surgical procedure, it's important to recognize that physical therapy can also be used as a tool in your weight loss journey.

Here are three simple ways that physical therapy can help you get fit and stay fit in the future.

1. A physical therapist can help you restore your range of motion.

Gaining weight often limits your body's range of motion. When your range of motion becomes compromised, you may find it difficult to engage in the physical activities required to shed excess weight and get healthy.

Working with a physical therapist to restore your range of motion can be a beneficial way to make working out feel more comfortable. When you aren't in pain at the gym, you will be more likely to continue getting regular exercise, allowing you to lose weight successfully.

2. A physical therapist can create a specialized workout routine.

Another great advantage that you will benefit from when working with a physical therapist throughout your weight loss journey is access to customized workout routines. A physical therapist can examine your body to determine its limitations based on your current weight.

Using this information, a physical therapist can recommend a series of exercises designed to target specific fitness goals (like improved flexibility, cardiovascular endurance, and balance) that will help you reach your fitness goals with ease.

3. A physical therapist can help you avoid re-injury.

If you have experienced an injury in the past, gaining weight can put you at risk of re-injuring yourself. When re-injury occurs, you can't continue engaging in the physical activity required to help you shed excess pounds.

Working with a physical therapist throughout your weight loss journey allows you to strengthen and condition your body without risking the agitation of an old injury.

Once you are able to recognize the valuable role a physical therapist can play in helping you reach your weight loss goals, it's easy to see why physical therapy should play a prominent role in your weight loss journey. Talk to a physical therapist about your unique fitness goals, and take advantage of the increased range of motion, customized workouts, and protection against re-injury these medical professionals can provide as you try to lose weight in the future. To learn more about physical therapy, check out websites like