Four Kinds Of CBD Edibles You Should Try

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Four Kinds Of CBD Edibles You Should Try

2 January 2018
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With all the hype around CBD (cannabidiol), you might be a wee bit curious to see if it can help you and your health conditions. No, CBD is not a cure-all, nor will it make you "high," but it does have some health benefits that can help alleviate certain health conditions. If you are not a smoker, you may think that it will be difficult to try CBD, which is found in the cannabis plant, otherwise known as medical marijuana. However, there are several CBD edibles you can try, which contain that key ingredient, CBD. You can try any one of the following.


Who does not love an extra fudgy, gooey brownie? Often referred to as "Magic Brownies" or "Moon Cakes," these brownies are made with a little CBD oil in place of vegetable oil. Varying the amounts of CBD oil creates different "prescriptions" in the brownies such that you can have greater or lesser health benefits as needed. For example, people suffering from extreme pain or immune disorders might want something a little stronger, while those suffering from depression might want something a little lighter.


CBD cookies are often sold as jumbo cookies. Most people prefer the jumbo triple chocolate or jumbo chocolate chip varieties, but other varieties are available. Given the amount of CBD oil used in various amounts and different dough batches, you may want to sample something lighter at first. CBD oil tends to have a very distinct flavor that does not always sit right with some people, so they choose to a cookie flavor that hides some of the aftertaste. You may have to sample different cookie varieties to find one that is palatable to you.

Candy Bars

Candy bars are very popular CBD edibles. These little chocolate bars are segmented so that you can break off a small piece or a larger piece. Each piece is designated a "dose" by your prescribing doctor, which helps you consume the right amount for your needs. The candy bars tend to be a little more potent because they are set up in dosage form.

Ground CBD

Ground CBD is made into a fine powder that you can sprinkle on your food. A couple of shakes on burgers or other meat adds a unique flavor to your food, but it also adds the health benefits you are after. Some people even use it a bread seasoning or pizza dough seasoning. It actually works quite well that way, especially when combined with rosemary, thyme, oregano, and/or basil. Dishes that ordinarily use those four spices harmonize rather well with ground CBD. 

Purchasing Your CBD Edibles

Most CBD edibles can be purchased online. Medical marijuana dispensaries also carry a vast array of CBD edibles. You do not need a prescription to purchase the CBD edibles from the medical marijuana dispensaries, since these edibles do not contain THC. Just make sure that when you walk into a dispensary that you ask for the CBD edibles and check the labels prior to purchase. The store associates will point out which products are strictly CBD-only edibles and which contain hash oil, which does contain THC and causes hallucinogenic effects.

Additionally, there are some health food and whole foods stores that sell CBD edibles. Look for the sections that have health foods and organic medication options. Check with organic food departments, and natural or alternative medicine pharmacies might carry CBD edibles as well. Despite the fact that CBD edibles do not produce any hallucinogenic effects, these edibles may be kept behind the pharmacy counters or in a locked case, as they are often a targeted product for theft.