Tips For Dealing With A Child Who Has A Prescription For Cannabis

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Tips For Dealing With A Child Who Has A Prescription For Cannabis

10 April 2019
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The majority of medicinal cannabis users are adults, but it's possible that your child may be able to benefit from this natural substance. If your son or daughter suffers from a serious health issue such as epilepsy, your pediatrician may advocate trying cannabis to see if it helps. This means that you'll want to visit a local medicinal cannabis dispensary to obtain the cannabis product that your child will use. As a parent, there are a number of ways that you should deal with this unique situation. Here are some suggestions.

Choose The Right Method

While adults will often consume cannabis medicinally in a variety of ways, you want to select a child-friendly cannabis product for your son or daughter. Gummies make a lot of sense, given their enjoyable taste and ease of consuming, while lozenges, sublingual drops, and other edible options are all good choices. Your pediatrician may have some specific advice on what type of product will be best for your child, based on factors such as his or her age. For example, sublingual drops can be easier to give a child who is a little older, while a child of any age can easily consume gummies.

Control The Dosage

You don't want to just give your child the cannabis and have him or her take it when needed. As the adult in the situation, it's important for you to control the dosage. This means conferring with the pediatrician to know exactly how much to give your child and when. For example, the pediatrician will commonly recommend a certain number of milligrams at specific intervals, which you can then hand out to your child. If you have questions about increasing the dosage or changing the intervals at which you administer the cannabis, confer with the pediatrician — don't make these decisions yourself.

Give It Privately

Even with a prescription, you don't need to make a public deal about giving your child cannabis. For example, if your child has friends over to play and needs his or her dosage, you can give the child his or her "medicine" without necessarily referring to it as cannabis. Despite the many proven health benefits of cannabis products, there can still be a stigma about it in some families — and the last thing that you need is your child's friend going home and telling his or her parents that you're giving your child cannabis gummies.