Hypnosis Could Be The Help You Need To Stop Smoking

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Hypnosis Could Be The Help You Need To Stop Smoking

6 February 2020
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If you smoke, you probably know how bad it is for your health. Maybe you've tried countless times to stop smoking, but you feel like you need to smoke to deal with stress or anxiety. You should consider hypnosis for help in quitting smoking. Hypnotherapy is used for a variety of conditions, and it's usually safe when done by a qualified hypnotherapist. Here's how it works.

You Can Have A Family Member Present

If you're uncomfortable with being put in a trance when you're alone with a therapist, then ask about having a family member present. This may put you at ease so you can relax as deeply as you need to for good results. You may stretch out in a recliner or get comfortable in another way, and while hypnosis will put you in a trance state, you'll be safe during the procedure.

You Won't Do Things You Object To

When you think of someone being put under hypnosis, you might imagine someone acting like a chicken or doing some other thing to look silly. While the purpose of hypnosis is to change bad habits and behaviors, hypnosis won't make you do something you wouldn't do when you're fully awake. You don't have to worry about mysterious things like a post-hypnotic suggestion that changes your behavior in a negative way.

When you're under hypnosis, you might be given negative suggestions, such as the smell of cigarette smoke is obnoxious, but you might also be given positive suggestions. These might include suggestions that you quit smoking because you enjoy being healthy. When you're deeply relaxed in your hypnotic trance, these suggestions can be much more effective than when they're received through your conscious mind when fully alert.

You May Change Your Subconscious Triggers

Smoking is physically addictive. Your body craves nicotine and this causes you to crave cigarettes. However, smoking is also a mental addiction that is habitual. You've probably noticed you get the urge to smoke when you have certain triggers such as driving, after eating dinner, or when you feel stress. Hypnosis could make changes to your subconscious patterns so you lose your urges to smoke. By controlling your urges and cravings, you may find your willpower is suddenly strong enough to help you quit smoking for good.

You Might Follow Up With Self-Hypnosis

Your hypnotherapist will determine the sessions you need. One session might be enough if you follow up at home with self-hypnosis and affirmations. Since hypnotherapy is safe and often effective, it's worth considering when you struggle with smoking and want to quit to improve your health. To learn more, visit a clinic near you like Presents of Mind Hypnosis and speak to its staff members.