4 Tips For CBD Facial Moisturizer Use

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4 Tips For CBD Facial Moisturizer Use

28 August 2020
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Cannabidiol offers many skincare benefits. When added to moisturizers and other skincare products, CBD oil can smooth rough skin, ease itchiness, and reduce inflammation. Achieve more youthful, beautiful skin with regular topical use of CBD. Here are four tips that will help you use CBD facial moisturizer to restore your skin:

1. Use CBD moisturizer under your makeup.

CBD facial moisturizer is specially crafted for the delicate skin of your face. For many people, facial skin is more prone to dryness and breakouts, which is why it requires special care. The majority of women choose to wear makeup, which means they require a daily moisturizer that wears well beneath cosmetics. CBD moisturizer can be used underneath the foundation. Simply apply the moisturizer to clean skin and allow it to soak in for a few minutes before starting your normal makeup routine.

2. Soothe your skin with CBD moisturizer.

Skin can become irritated for a number of reasons. Severe weather can cause irritation. Dry air can deplete your skin's natural moisture, and skin can become chapped from high winds. Even excess sunshine can cause skin irritation due to sunburns. If your skin is feeling itchy, painful, or uncomfortable, soothe your condition using a CBD facial moisturizer. The natural anti-inflammatory properties of CBD will ease swelling and tightness while the inactive ingredients in your moisturizer hydrate your skin. Topical treatments will provide swift relief for your discomfort.

3. Take special care when applying CBD moisturizer beneath your eyes.

CBD moisturizer also works well to hydrate the skin beneath your eyes. Remember that the skin under your eyes is thinner and more fragile than other skin. Take care not to irritate the area. For best results, dab CBD facial moisturizer on your under-eye area using just the tip of your ring finger. Before applying your moisturizer, wash your hands. Clean fingers will help you avoid eye infections. Delicately pat the moisturizer until it has absorbed.

4. Apply CBD facial moisturizer as a night cream.

Night creams are restorative. They replenish your skin's moisturizer while you sleep, allowing your skin to repair itself. Use your CBD facial moisturizer as a night cream. Simply apply a generous layer of moisturizer to damp skin before you go to bed. Use more CBD facial moisturizer than you'd apply during the day. A thicker application will benefit your skin, and since you're sleeping, you won't have to worry about any residual shininess.