Hemp CBD Lotion: Optimizing Your Recovery

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Hemp CBD Lotion: Optimizing Your Recovery

17 November 2020
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Life can be hard on the body. If you're looking for ways to improve your recovery, hemp CBD lotion and other CBD products can give optimize your approach with a proven natural solution.

Here are some ways to integrate topical hemp CBD lotion into your recovery game plan.

Massage and Unwind

Massage is a great way to recover. Integrating hemp CBD lotion into your massage regimen can be a game-changer.

  • Deep Tissue: If you're an athlete looking to recover from tough workouts, using CBD lotion can make your deep tissue massage sessions even more effective. Begin your deep tissue massage sessions by lightly applying a layer of hemp CBD lotion. Next, gingerly massage the lotion into your skin in a circular pattern. After the lotion loses its sheen, you can begin the deep tissue massage. Because hemp CBD lotion is oil-soluble, switching to an oil-based massage lotion will allow the CBD goodness to combine with the massage lotion and penetrate deep into your muscle tissue. To conclude your deep tissue massage, lightly apply a final layer of CBD lotion, and gently massage it until it begins to absorb into your skin.
  • Light Rub Down: For less intense massage sessions, begin by lightly applying a layer of oil-based massage lotion. Next, dollop a gob of CBD lotion into your hands, rubbing them together to make sure that your hands are thoroughly coated. Once the CBD lotion is evenly distributed on your hands, use them to gently rub down sore, tight, or tender areas. Reapply layers of oil-based massage and hemp CBD lotion when the areas become dry and the massage lotion is absorbed by the skin.

Skin Care Repair

When you spend hours in the sun, skin damage can be difficult to combat.

  • Sunscreen Plus: One way to add the healing power of hemp CBD lotion is by mixing it with your sunscreen. Although this CBD lotion does not provide protection for the sun by itself, adding a squirt to a dose of your go-to sunscreen can help repair skin damage without compromising the protection your sunscreen offers. You can use it with each application of sunscreen, or after you've come home and are looking for something to moisturize your skin after being in the sun all day.
  • Post-Shower: Your skin's pores open up to help you vent heat. Thus, when you emerge from a hot and steamy shower, hemp CBD lotion is more likely to be absorbed by your skin.