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3 Essential Oils That Can Help Relieve Headaches

20 March 2017
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For some people, headaches are infrequent and temporary annoyances. For others, headaches occur often and can be debilitating. Either way, a headache can disrupt your day, impede your productivity, and make you uncomfortable. If you prefer to avoid medications, or if you find that ordinary over-the-counter medications don't work well for you, you may be looking for a gentler or more effective way to deal with them. On the go essential oil kits may be the answer that you've been looking for. Read More …

3 Advantages Of Adding Float Therapy To Your Life

10 March 2017
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In order to get a serious handle on your health and well being, you will want to reach out to a professional that can provide you float therapy treatments. Float therapy involves allowing your body to be submerged in a tank of water for a certain amount of time, in order to soothe it into a meditative, healing, restorative state. There are a number of reasons that you should take advantage of float therapy, so keep reading in order to learn a little bit more about how it can serve you. Read More …