Controlling Thyroid Disease

On this blog, you will discover natural health alternatives for thyroid disease.

CBG Flower: What’s That?

19 February 2021
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By now, most people have heard of CBD and CBD flower. But when you come across CBG flower at a health food store or on a dispensary shelf, you might be a little confused. Maybe you'll make a double-take, assuming you saw the abbreviation wrong, or perhaps you'll assume someone made a typo. But they didn't — there really is a cannabis product know as CBG flower. Here's a closer look at what it is and why you may want to try it. Read More …

Should You Be Using Full-Spectrum CBD Gummies?

30 December 2020
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When shopping for CBD gummies, you will soon realize there are a few different kinds of products you can buy. There are pure CBD gummies, which contain CBD but no other active or inactive compounds from the hemp. Then, there are full-spectrum CBD gummies, which contain all of the cannabinoids found in the hemp plant. CBD is the hemp compound most people are aware of and the one with the most researched effects. Read More …

4 Benefits of Monarda Essential Oil

11 December 2020
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Monarda essential oil is a potent oil derived from a flowering plant that grows in North America. It is sometimes known as bee balm or wild bergamot essential oil, and its scent is best described as citrusy, slightly floral, and sweet. Monarda essential oil has many benefits and uses, and they are often best summarized as the "four As." 1. Antibacterial One of the key benefits of Monarda essential oil is its antibacterial properties. Read More …

Hemp CBD Lotion: Optimizing Your Recovery

17 November 2020
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Life can be hard on the body. If you're looking for ways to improve your recovery, hemp CBD lotion and other CBD products can give optimize your approach with a proven natural solution. Here are some ways to integrate topical hemp CBD lotion into your recovery game plan. Massage and Unwind Massage is a great way to recover. Integrating hemp CBD lotion into your massage regimen can be a game-changer. Read More …

5 Questions You May Have About In-Home Physical Therapy

21 October 2020
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If you've been injured and need to undergo physical therapy (PT) during recovery, you may wonder if there are at-home options during COVID-19. Thankfully, there are mobile physical therapists that can come to your home to work with you. Read on to find answers to questions you may have about this service. What Injuries Can Benefit from In-Home Physical Therapy? If your doctor has recommended physical therapy for your injury, then in-home therapy can often be sufficient. Read More …