Controlling Thyroid Disease

On this blog, you will discover natural health alternatives for thyroid disease.

4 Tips for Naturally Easing Nausea After Your Chemotherapy Sessions

4 May 2017
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If you suffer from severe nausea and vomiting after your chemotherapy treatments, you may wonder if there is anything you can do at home to ease your symptoms. If so, try one or more of the following tips to naturally decrease your nausea after therapy. Keep Yourself Cool While you are experiencing nausea or are throwing up, your body temperature tends to increase, making you feel hot and sweaty. In turn, this autonomic response increases your symptoms. Read More …

3 Essential Oils That Can Help Relieve Headaches

20 March 2017
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For some people, headaches are infrequent and temporary annoyances. For others, headaches occur often and can be debilitating. Either way, a headache can disrupt your day, impede your productivity, and make you uncomfortable. If you prefer to avoid medications, or if you find that ordinary over-the-counter medications don't work well for you, you may be looking for a gentler or more effective way to deal with them. On the go essential oil kits may be the answer that you've been looking for. Read More …

3 Advantages Of Adding Float Therapy To Your Life

10 March 2017
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In order to get a serious handle on your health and well being, you will want to reach out to a professional that can provide you float therapy treatments. Float therapy involves allowing your body to be submerged in a tank of water for a certain amount of time, in order to soothe it into a meditative, healing, restorative state. There are a number of reasons that you should take advantage of float therapy, so keep reading in order to learn a little bit more about how it can serve you. Read More …

How To Create A Natural Cough Syrup From The Bark Of A Wild Cherry Tree

7 November 2016
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Some of the best natural remedies come from some of the most unusual sources. One of these such remedies is derived from the wild cherry tree (Prunus serotina), a native tree of the United States. Below is more information about this unique tree and how you can use it to treat a nagging, persistent cough: The key component of the wild cherry tree's medicinal quality is a chemical compound known as glycoside; this chemical family includes prunasin and amygdalin, which is sometimes called vitamin B17, and acts to produce hydrogen cyanide through metabolic processes. Read More …

4 Reasons The HCG Diet Works For All Body Types

12 June 2015
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If you are having a hard time losing weight by exercising and eating healthy foods, you may need to try a more drastic approach. Your body may require a brief jumpstart to encourage your system to burn fat stored in cells as fuel. You might be able to switch to the utilization of fat as fuel, rather than calories, by following the popular human chorionic gondatropin, or HCG, injection diet. Several key mechanisms help this diet work for every body type. Read More …