3 Tips For Preventing Or Reversing Early-Stage Gum Disease

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3 Tips For Preventing Or Reversing Early-Stage Gum Disease

9 March 2018
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Whether you are concerned about gum disease or notice the beginning stages, there is more you can do than visiting your dentist. Changing your oral care routine by incorporating different products will boost the effectiveness of your oral care.

Forget Manual Toothbrushes

If you currently use a manual toothbrush, you may not be cleaning your teeth thoroughly. One of the problems with manual brushes is they do not work well for all the nuances of teeth. Teeth come in different shapes and can overlap in some places. This makes using a smaller, round brush head that is commonly found on rotating brushes ideal. When switching to an automatic (battery-operated or rechargeable) toothbrush, you will likely notice it is much easier to clean your back teeth and the back of your front teeth without scrubbing or irritating the gums. The cleaner your teeth are after brushing, the less bacteria can stick to them and cause cavities and periodontal disease.

Floss Better

Flossing is another important step in your periodontal health. Some people either do not floss regularly because they simply forget or they find flossing is uncomfortable. If your teeth are closely spaced, flossing can be difficult. Instead of using your traditional waxed, rope-like dental floss, try finding options that are shaped more like a flat ribbon. These types are thinner, so they can pass between teeth better and are not so thin that you risk cutting your gums. An even better alternative for everyone is to use a water flosser. These devices use a gentle stream of water to remove debris from between teeth and around the gum line. They can be more effective than traditional flossing and soothing to use.

Stay Hydrated

If you have an extremely dry mouth, this problem would be noticeable, but mild or occasional problems can be easily overlooked. When you do not have adequate saliva, it means bacteria can grow easier. Make sure you are drinking enough water or other caffeine-free, sugar-free beverages throughout the day. Additionally, consider incorporating mouth washes that are alcohol-free and/or specifically designed for people with dry mouth. These mouthwashes contain special enzymes that mimic saliva. Some people chew sugar-free gum or eat sugar-free candy throughout the day to keep their mouth from becoming dry. If you opt for sugar-free gum, once the gum becomes dry and harder to chew, replace it with another piece. Otherwise, you will find the gum begins making your mouth drier.

Preventing or reversing early-stage gum disease is often a matter of having a good oral hygiene regimen and using products with added benefits. If you have advanced symptoms of periodontal disease, at-home care combined with dental care is the best defense against tooth loss. Contact a company, like Trusted Natural Care, for more help.