Have Insomnia? How To Naturally Fall Asleep

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Have Insomnia? How To Naturally Fall Asleep

28 May 2020
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Having insomnia can be one of the most debilitating things to go through. When you start to lose a lot of sleep, it can make your physical and mental health suffer; both of which are really hard to deal with. Although you can go to a sleep clinic and get some medication that can help you sleep, there may be some all-natural approaches that are worth giving a try. 

Bedtime Routine

Similar to how infants and children need a bedtime routine to settle their bodies and minds down and go to sleep, the same goes for adults. While you may just stay up late working or watching TV shows, both of those things may not be doing anything for your insomnia except making it worse. 

Instead, try to get into a bedtime routine where you turn off all of your mobile devices (screens can make you stay awake longer), get in pajamas, drink some hot tea, and read a book. Reading a book is more likely to relax your mind and make you feel tired so that as soon as you close your eyes you can fall right to sleep. 

Take a Hot Bath

Whether you start the night out with a hot bath or you take one in the middle of the night when you can't fall asleep, a hot bath can help calm your body down and get you ready to fall asleep. if you can, try putting some essential oils like lavender inside of your bath which can also help to calm your senses right before you fall asleep. 


Cannabidiol oil is an oil that's made from cannabis but doesn't have any THC in it which means that it won't get you high in any way. The great thing about CBD oil though is that since it's all-natural, you won't have to worry about things like forming an addiction. A lot of people have found that CBD oil can help them relax right before bed and fall asleep more easily which helps them deal with their insomnia. Although CBD comes in a variety of forms, some patients prefer having CBD oil to rub on their bodies to help them sleep and other people prefer to have CBD pills that they take; either way, they should hopefully help you get a good night's sleep that you so deserve. 

To learn more about natural remedies like CBD oil, reach out to a provider near you.