Don't Let These Mistakes Keep You From Enjoying Your CBD Gummies

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Don't Let These Mistakes Keep You From Enjoying Your CBD Gummies

28 February 2022
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CBD gummies can be an incredible tool for helping you relax, ease stress, and even fight mild pain. However, they can come with a bit of a learning curve since they're so different from other herbal remedies. As such, it's common for people to make a few small mistakes, especially when they first begin using CBD gummies. If you can manage to avoid these mistakes yourself, you'll have a more enjoyable—and more beneficial—experience.

Mistake #1: Going right for the big dose.

Sometimes people pick up a bottle of 10 mg CBD gummies, read the instructions that say to take, say, 1–10 of them, and just go for the largest recommended dose right off the bat. If you don't need that large of a dose—and many people do not—this may cause you to feel overly sleepy and more relaxed than you'd like to feel. Always start with the smallest recommended dose and work your way up over time. You'll know you've found the right dose when you feel relief, but not outright exhaustion.

Mistake #2: Storing them in a warm place.

Your car might seem like a convenient place to store your gummies. So might your pockets. But CBD gummies often have a pretty low melting point, especially if you buy the plant-based ones that are made gummy with pectin. Storing them in your car or pockets is likely to cause them to melt, and it's hard to get the dose right when you're pulling apart a bunch of half-melted gummies. Store your gummies in a cool, dry place to prevent such issues.

Mistake #3: Taking more when you don't feel anything immediately.

When you take CBD gummies, you need to allow a little time for your body to absorb and start utilizing the CBD. This can take a half-hour or longer. So, if you don't feel anything right away, be patient. If it has been an hour and you're still not feeling the effects, then you can take a little bit more. If you find that it takes your body a long time to respond to CBD gummies, you may prefer a more immediate CBD delivery option, such as vaping CBD.

Using CBD gummies can be really incredible for a lot of people. Avoiding these small mistakes will increase your chances of also having a really good experience when you start taking them.

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