CBD Topicals That Are Easy To Bring With You

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CBD Topicals That Are Easy To Bring With You

26 April 2022
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Some CBD topicals, like bubble baths and soaps, are definitely meant to be used at home. You can't exactly bring bubble bath with you to use at work, in most cases. However, there are some CBD topicals that are easy to bring you. Here are some portable products to purchase if you want to use topical CBD on the go.

CBD Lip Balm

CBD lip balm is a great product to buy if you want to use CBD inconspicuously while you are out and about. These products look like any other lip balm, so nobody has to know you're using a CBD balm unless you tell them. The CBD will do a wonderful job of softening dry lips and helping chapped lips heal. Some of it will also be absorbed into your bloodstream, so you'll get those relaxed, stress-relieving effects, too. Plus, CBD lip balm tends to come in a small tube, so you can easily stash it in a pocket or a small purse.

CBD Hand Lotion

If you have dry hands or want a CBD topical that will have greater systemic effects, look for a CBD hand lotion. There are some that come in small, one or two-ounce bottles, which you can stash in a purse or keep in your desk. A little CBD hand lotion will go a long way. Just make sure you rub it in well and avoid touching anything for a few minutes after application so you don't spread it around and waste it. If you don't want a lotion that smells too much like hemp, look for one infused with essential oils. You'll smell the essential oils over the hemp.

Roll-on CBD Gel

Roll-on CBD gel comes in a tube with a little roller ball on the end. To apply it, you simply roll the ball over the area you want to treat. This is a great product to take with you since the roller ball plugs the tube or canister, preventing the CBD product from spilling all over. Roll-on CBD gel is a good choice for anyone with sore muscles or skin problems such as eczema. Look for one with a smaller ball so you can use it conveniently in more places on your body.

CBD topicals are really versatile and incredible. Look for one of the products above and put it to good use, both at home and when you're out and about.

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